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A comprehensive solution where 
 efficiency meets empathy


Accelerate your business by partnering with Vitafy Health

For Healthcare Advocates

Say goodbye to administrative headaches and hello to seamless patient care navigation as you discover a suite of powerful and integrated tools. vSuite enables healthcare advocates to focus solely on what truly matters - advocating for your patients.    

Effective tools to provide comprehensive healthcare advocacy services.

Explore options and connect with the right provider

For Direct Care Providers

Managing members can be a complicated process. vSuite can eliminate unnecessary complexities by providing flexible membership offerings with integrated billing for your individual and group members.  

Simplified patient enrollment, membership management, automated billing and appointment management.

Restore doctor patient relationship with easy and efficient communication.

Essential tools designed for your business needs

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Healthcare Advococates and Direct Primary Care Providers, like yourself, are changing the healthcare industry for the better.

Vitafy is dedicated to supporting your mission and growth. 

Drew Ellefsen

Agent Advisor


I believe fully in the Vitafy mission to connect consumers to the highest quality of healthcare at the most affordable price. I also love how Vitafy's platform connects all healthcare professionals who are working toward that common goal. Most healthcare professionals stay in their lane... You have healthcare providers on one side, and insurance companies and agents on the other. When agents and insurance companies are working directly with healthcare providers, I believe you have a real recipe for success, and we'll be able to make some seriously positive changes in the way we pay for and receive our healthcare!

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