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We are simplifying healthcare


Our mission is to empower patients, providers and advocates by offering the resources needed to understand, guide, and cultivate trust in making informed healthcare decisions.


Our mission is to simplify healthcare by removing unnecessary processes and barriers to foster trust and understanding in pursuit of quality care.


Our mission is to connect individuals nd promote a sense of community where everyone can collaborate effectively to address healthcare challenges.

Founder Story

After leaving the corporate world in 2012 to pursue entrepreneurship, I encountered an unexpected hurdle: the exorbitant cost of healthcare. Remaining uninsured for two years, I eventually succumbed to purchasing a plan in 2014 for $650 per month to cover my family of three. Shockingly, by 2016, the premium skyrocketed to $3,200 monthly for a family of four, coinciding with the birth of my son, coupled with escalating deductibles.


In 2017, I opted for the lowest premium plan with the highest deductible on, only to find it offered minimal coverage. Switching to a medical cost-sharing community plan didn't work out. In 2020, an independent healthcare agent, Drew Ellefsen, guided me through diverse insurance options. I secured a plan tailored to my family’s needs for under $500 monthly plan perfectly tailored to my family's needs, free from deductibles and network restrictions—finally, freedom.

"Navigating the complexities of healthcare was unexpectedly more taxing than launching my business."

The ordeal inspired me to launch Vitafy, aiming to simplify healthcare by merging technology, advocacy, and marketplace. We strive to empower people with information and tools to make informed healthcare decisions and cultivate healthier lifestyles.

I live in Charlotte, NC, with my wife and two children. As self-employed parents, juggling work, family, and healthcare is stressful. Our healthcare advocate has brought us immense relief, saving us countless hours and endless stress. I hope Vitafy can transform your life in the same incredible way.

Ojash Shrestha,

Founder & CEO

Meet Our Team

Meet the passionate minds driving our mission forward.


Jon Hopkins

Co-Founder & Advisor


Alisha Koirala

Business Analyst


Bryan Bott

Project Manager


Rassu Shrestha

Client Relations


Ramesh Prajapati

Solutions Architect


Biren Gurung

UI/UX Designer

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Let's simplify healthcare

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