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We find affordable high value care for you

How It Works

Explore the Benefits of vCare


Receive Answers

vCare is your single point of contact in addressing your healthcare needs as it locates and connects you with an ideal provider. We take care of doing the research and curating the list of providers with prices that are tailored to your requests.

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A centralized healthcare liaison, managing your needs.

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Explore options and connect with the right provider

Save Money 

vCare helps you explore and understand your service provider options to help you make informed decisions and save money. We look for payment options for patients who are self-funded or have high deductibles that may be substantially less.

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Your personalized healthcare concierge service

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Get unbiased, high-value option based on your needs.

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Reduce Stress

We offer a premium health advocacy service that helps you explore and understand your options. vCare reduces stress and worry by finding provider options, allowing you to ask questions, and walking you through all the steps needed for a successful outcome.

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Saving you time and money while navigating your choices

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Let us look for options while you look after your health

vCare is designed with your needs in mind

Backed by our money-back guarantee if we are unable to serve your needs.

Annual subscription

Pay $84 per year to request 

unlimited cases

One time payment

Pay $49 every time you

request a case  

Drew Ellefsen

Agent Advisor

I believe fully in the Vitafy mission to connect consumers to the highest quality of healthcare at the mostaffordable price. I also love how Vitafy's platform connects all healthcare professionals who are workingtoward that common goal. Most healthcare professionals stay in their lane... You have healthcare providers on one side, and insurance companies and agents on the other. When agents and insurance companies are working directly with healthcare providers, I believe you have a real recipe for success, and we'll be able to make some seriously positive changes in the way we pay for and receive our healthcare!

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