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Plans & fees

Choose an option that fits you and your family. 



Billed annually or $10.99 billed monthly

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Billed annually or $17.99 billed monthly

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Billed annually or $24.99 billed monthly

Your satisfaction, 100% guaranteed

With our 100% money-back guarantee, you can engage with our services with confidence,

knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Explore our services in detail

Learn how we help you with seamless guidance

Insurance Navigation

Assistance in finding and understanding health insurance policies, coverage options, and enrollment process.

Benefit Navigation

Decode policy details, clarify coverage limitations, and maximize benefits for optimal healthcare outcomes while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

Provider Search

Guidance in selecting appropriate healthcare providers, specialists, and treatment options based on individual needs and preferences.

Procedure Cost

Obtain transparent pricing from various providers to facilitate comparison and choices. 

Care Coordination

Coordinating care among multiple healthcare providers to ensure seamless communication and continuity of treatment.

Claims Assistance

Help with understanding medical bills, disputing denied claims, and resolving billing errors.

Bill Negotiation

Negotiation with healthcare providers and insurers to reduce medical bills and ensure fair billing practices.

Appeals & Grievances

Support in filing appeals & grievances with insurance companies or healthcare providers regarding denied coverage or inadequate care.

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vCare is designed with your need in mind

We believe in the uniqueness of each individual's concerns and preferences. Our mission is to customize solutions specifically for you, ensuring that your healthcare experience is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Frequently asked questions
  • Who is vSuite for?
    vSuite is for advocates and primary care providers looking manage clients, memberships and cases. Depending on the pricing plan purchased, advocates and primary care providers have access to an array of features within vSuite that allows seamless collaboration and management.
  • Is the platform HIPPA compliant?
    We ensure all client information and communication on the vSuite platform is compliant with HIPPA regulations.
  • Can I change my plan later at time?
    Yes, you can change your plan at anytime.
  • Where can clients buy/view my services from?
    vSuite also offers custom landing pages to ensure you can display your offerings and services to potential clients and capture leads who are interested in your services. Clients can directly go to your landing page, enter their information, select an offering/service and checkout.
  • How can I change plans?
    Vitafy supports your growth. As you grow your business you may want to upgrade your vSuite plans to cater to your business needs. In order to change plans please contact us at and we will get you set up for the plan change.
  • How can I communicate my offerings and services to my clients ?
    vSuite also offers a client portal login allowing your clients to login to their personalized portals to view and manage the services you are providing to them ensuring personalized and timely care.
  • How many clients or cases can I manage?
    There is no limit to the number of clients and/or cases you can manage in vSuite. We believe in helping your business grow and growing with you.
  • How can I manage my clients billings?
    The system helps you set up automated or one time payments so you can charge your clients depending on the different services you provide them. You can customize these payments based on individual, groups, families and/or intervals of time.
  • Can I get a demo before purchasing a plan?
    You can get a free live demo by going to "Request a demo" or "Contact us" option in our website or by contacting us at A member of our team will get in touch with you to set up a call for the demo at your convenience.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Vsuite can be canceled at any time by emailing or by calling (866) 4-VITAFY. There is no contract and your services will conclude at the end of the subscription period after you cancel by contacting Vitafy Health.
  • Why do I need vCare?
    vCare connects you with advocates who are with you in every step of your healthcare journey helping you make informed decisions about your care. Having a healthcare advocate available to you when needed is a valuable resource for anyone navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. For example, if a patient is facing a complex medical billing issue, the advocate could assist in deciphering insurance statements, negotiating billing errors with providers, and exploring options for financial assistance programs.
  • How does vCare work?
    Given that you have an active vCare membership, you will have access to an advocate who can help you answer any of you healthcare questions from insurance coverage to provider/procedure prices to post procedure bill negotiations.
  • Does vCare take insurance?
    vCare assists you in navigating your insurance plan by connecting you with an advocate who can help you find and understand insurance policies, coverage options, and more.
  • Can I get vCare for a family member?
    vCare offers comprehensive coverage plans for you and your family. Choose from our Individual plan at $9.99 per month, Couples plan at $14.99 per month, or Family plan at $19.99 per month.
  • How do I get vCare service?
    Click here to sign up for vCare
  • Can vCare help me find a provider?
    vCare connects you to an advocate who will help you find and choose healthcare providers and specialists based on your individual needs while also helping you obtain transparent pricing from various providers so you can make informed decisions. Additionally, if treatment from multiple providers is required, your advocate will coordinate care among them to ensure seamless communication and continuity of treatment, including dealing with insurance and organizing appointments to provide a cohesive healthcare experience.
  • What is vCare for?
    vCare is your one-stop solution for premium advocacy services at an affordable price. Our platform connects you with expert advocates who can provide answers, clarify your options, and link you with the most suitable providers for your needs. Additionally, vCare offers services like bill negotiation and claims assistance, ensuring you have comprehensive support every step of the way.
  • What services are included in my vCare plan?
    Along with having access to your own personal advocate, vCare offers: Insurance Navigation Benefit Navigation Provider Search Procedure Cost Search Care Coordination Claims Assistance Bill Negotiation Appeals & Grievances
  • Can I use my membership for multiple services at once?
    Given that your membership is current, you can get help from your advocate for multiple services at once. For example, if you have a couples membership, your advocate may be helping you find a provider/procedure cost while your spouse may be getting a separate medical procedure bill negotiated at the same time.
  • How can vCare help me with my medical bills?
    Ever been caught off guard by a surprise medical bill? Unsure how to dispute incorrect medical charges post procedures? vCare connects you with advocates who lift the weight off your shoulders, fight price gouging, and substantially reduce those charges on your behalf. Check out real-life stories of how advocates have helped people do so in the past.
  • Where do I go to explore my service provider options?
    If you are a patient looking to explore you service provider options, checkout vCare where you can get all the information on requesting, exploring and understanding you service provider options using our premium advocacy service.
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