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After an Urgent Care visit for stomach pain led to a hefty $12,000 ER bill, Carmel from Medishield stepped in. Despite initial resistance, she fought against price gouging, even involving the Florida State's Attorney's Office. Her efforts led to a remarkable settlement of just $200, bringing immense relief just before Christmas. Carmel's intervention saved me thousands and left me deeply thankful.

Lisa Rosecrants

Land O' Lakes, FL 

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I've enjoyed working with Carmel Hohmann for the past few years and can't speak highly enough of her. Carmel has been incredibly helpful with my insurance issues, going above and beyond to resolve them efficiently. From finding me free immunizations to tackling a $17,000 mistaken hospital bill (which she brought down to $400!), Carmel's expertise and dedication shone through. 


Carmel is not only knowledgeable and professional but she's also personable and funny. I can't recommend Carmel enough – she's been a lifesaver for me, and I'm confident she'll do the same for you.

Jeff Frelich

St. Louis, MO


Thanks to Carmel's prompt assistance, I could focus on what truly matters—my family and well-being. 

Convenient & Reliable Solution

When I needed a breast mammogram, I reached out to Carmel, my advocate, for assistance. Without delay, she provided me with all the necessary information: the location, fees, and a link to schedule my appointment and pre-pay for the service, which totaled $195. I went to my appointment without any issues and felt relieved to have it done.

However, my relief turned to frustration and anxiety when bills started showing up in my mail, even though it was a pre-paid service. I uploaded the bills to Carmel, and swiftly, she took charge of the situation, alleviating my worries and sparing me precious time and energy as a busy mom.

Prija Shrestha

Charlotte, NC 

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