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The Hidden Value Of Healthcare Advocacy: A Vitafy Success Story

Advocate help family from unforseen health costs
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Navigating healthcare billing can be nothing short of stressful for the average person. In this post, we share a real scenario from a Vitafy user who discovered how working with a healthcare advocate helps create medical billing transparency—as well as peace of mind. 

What’s The Price Of A Routine Procedure? 

Women require routine mammograms to maintain overall health. A Vitafy user worked with Vitafy healthcare advocates at Medishield to discover what costs to expect among various providers from which she could choose. One option was to get it done at a local facility for a cash payment of $230, an average price given the location and the type of service. Most people won’t know what their healthcare provider options are or how much procedures cost until after they receive the bill, but shouldn’t they know the price upfront as they do with the majority of other expenses in life? Vitafy helped save time and cost by discovering the right provider at the right price.

Healthcare Advocates Help Find Solutions & Reduce Stress

Once the patient approves of one of the options, their healthcare advocate takes charge of necessary contractual agreements between the patient and the healthcare provider. In the case of this mammogram, the amount was paid before the service was received. The advocate also helped the patient to set up the appointment for their intended healthcare service.

The Surprise Billings

To the surprise of both patient and advocate, the patient was billed from two different entities after the mammogram. Given that the advocates helped the individual to find the provider, work out a price with the service provider, and schedule the appointment, the advocates also took full responsibility for resolving the unforeseen charges. 

At this point the advocates have helped the patient understand their bills, identify errors, and work towards resolving any outstanding issues, providing peace of mind long after the medical service is rendered.

This is where the true value of healthcare advocacy services became evident. These services act as a guiding light through the convoluted world of medical billing, ensuring that individuals don't fall victim to unexpected charges and obscure billing practices.

The Benefits Of Healthcare Advocacy

1.Cost Mitigation:

Healthcare advocacy services are skilled at negotiating the best possible prices for medical services. In this case, having an advocate prevented the patient from falling victims to being charged with unforeseen costs after the procedure as well. 

2. Billing Transparency:

Navigating through bills from different healthcare providers can be similar to deciphering a foreign language. Healthcare advocates are skilled in decoding these intricate documents, ensuring that patients understand every line item.

3. Dispute Resolution:

In the event of medical billing discrepancies, which is not uncommon, advocates play a crucial role in disputing charges and resolving billing issues. This not only saves patients from unnecessary financial burden but also contributes to a fair healthcare system.

This journey through the healthcare system has highlighted the need for healthcare advocacy. By utilizing these services, individuals can not only mitigate healthcare costs but also ensure that the right price is paid for the right service. As we continue to champion a fair and transparent healthcare system, healthcare advocacy services stand as a beacon, guiding individuals through the maze of medical billing, ultimately contributing to making people healthier and more informed.

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