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How to find the right insurance plan… and use it

Updated: Jan 5

Health Insurance

“I am self-employed and am looking for health insurance”

“I am uninsured and am looking for a health insurance option”

“I am an entrepreneur and am looking for health insurance”

“I have a high-deductible plan and am looking for better health insurance options”

Have you ever been in a situation where you have asked yourself, how can I get the best pricing on my healthcare costs? There are so many people who get complicated insurance from their employer and others who are self-employed and are looking for insurance themselves. In other words, nobody is there to professionally help them navigate their healthcare costs and insurance plans. This is where smart agents come in, smart agents are agents who believe in free-market solutions and advocate for you and your family’s healthcare.

When coming into a market that is dominated by insurance providers like BUCA (Blues, United, Cigna, Aetna), it is easy to get overwhelmed especially when it comes to high-cost plans and limited choices. Most insurance agents only steer you within the system but don’t really help you navigate through it, this is where advocacy comes in. Healthcare advocacy helps people make decisions that are primarily beneficial to patients as opposed to the provider, hospital system, or insurance provider. This ensures the best possible outcome for the patients in the complex healthcare system.

Companies such as Medishield and Benefits Management Team not only help you find the insurance that is right based on your needs but also assist you in navigating the healthcare system with that insurance plan. With smart agents advocating for your healthcare needs, you are able to find the insurance that is right for you along with getting assistance in lowering medical costs, price transparency, and bill negotiation.

Empowered by agents like Drew Ellefsen, who think outside the box to dismantle barriers within the health insurance realm by providing financial advocacy, and care navigation while helping you find the right insurance plan. These companies aim to transform you from passive healthcare consumers into informed individuals. Take charge of your own healthcare decisions and join us in the journey of a simpler more patient-centric healthcare experience.

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