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A Patient Case Management Software 
for Advocates

 patient case management process

Elevate your advocacy business with Vitafy's vSuite – a patient and case management system designed to foster growth. By enhancing communication and ensuring consistency, vSuite enables healthcare advocates to provide unparalleled support, building lasting trust essential for business success. With seamless, intuitive features, Suite streamlines processes allowing healthcare advocates to focus on what truly matters –

the well-being of patients. It goes beyond being a tool; vSuite is your partner for success,

empowering you and your patients in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

A system that works for you

Designed by advocates and patients in mind


Empower Adocates

At Vitafy Health, we strive to simplify and enhance patient advocacy and case management. vSuite tackles the complexity of patient advocacy by providing a centralized platform where advocates, patients, and healthcare providers can seamlessly collaborate ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Real-time collaboration tools not only enhance the quality of care provided to patients but also help to expand the reach of your advocacy business. This enables advocates to promote transparency and control to connect with patients, foster a sense of reliability, and make a lasting impact. 

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Strategic Alliance

As a strategic growth enabler for your advocacy business, vSuite paves the way for increased client satisfaction and business expansion. The transformative impact of vSuite on patient-centered care is not just a promise but a tangible force driving your advocacy business toward growth and success.

Try vSuite for free 

Try any one of out packages at no cost for 90-days 

Drew Ellefsen

Agent Advisor


I believe fully in the Vitafy mission to connect consumers to the highest quality of healthcare at the most affordable price. I also love how Vitafy's platform connects all healthcare professionals who are working toward that common goal. Most healthcare professionals stay in their lane... You have healthcare providers on one side, and insurance companies and agents on the other. When agents and insurance companies are working directly with healthcare providers, I believe you have a real recipe for success, and we'll be able to make some seriously positive changes in the way we pay for and receive our healthcare!

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