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Vitafy Suite

Vsuite offers you all the tools you need to manage your patients.

DPC Benefits

Membership enrollment

Billing Management

Patient Management




We empower DPC to grow their practice through technology and services.

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Membership Enrollment

To enroll as a DPC member, individuals typically need to complete a membership application form, provide relevant personal information, and potentially pay a membership fee.

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Manage Billings

Users can view upcoming, succeeded and failed transaction for each patient.

Transactions can be refunded and Offering transactions can be added as required.

patient management

Manage Patient Details

Patient information can be managened along with appointments scheduling, editing, deleting and appointment

check In/Out.


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About Vitafy

Vitafy Health is a free-market platform that connects all the key decision makers of healthcare (doctors, employers, consumers, navigators, advocates and agents). By working together as a community, it helps lower the cost of healthcare, provides flexible options and personalized care compared to traditional healthcare.

Contact Information

(866) 4-VITAFY
(866) 484-8239

4845 Johnston Oehler Road,
Suite D, Charlotte, NC 28269

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